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The Ugly Truth Podcast (Audio)

Jun 25, 2017

Australia day has been heating up more than the barbeque over the recent years. Every year more and more keyboard warriors take to Facebook and Twitter ranting about “Invasion Day” With growing awareness about the atrocities that actually took place during the early settlement days, Australians are coming to somewhat of a contempt feeling when it comes to Australia day. Is it Australia day or invasion day? This has become the ongoing question that is just too powerful to deny. As a proud Australian I celebrate Australia day, not in disrespect for the fallen indigenous people of the land, but rather as an excuse to get together with friends and family and celebrate how Australia’s is a pretty amazing country. Let’s face it, we are called the lucky country for a reason. For we are young and free and our land abounds in nature's gifts of beauty rich and rare. Despite the fact that I am clear on why I celebrate the day, then why does the Australia day barbecue leave a bitter taste? We just can’t deny that for the original indigenous inhabitants of the land it was “Survival Day” The atrocities that took place can’t be swept under the union jack rug any longer. We talk to Allan McKenzie about why there is so much controversy about Australia day and how we can recognize and respect the fact that most indigenous people may feel like it’s anything but a day to celebrate. We explore the possibilities of changing the date, along with what can be done at a grass roots approach to help children understand the issues surrounding the day. Allan shares his history and why Aboriginal culture is so precious, looking right back to the days when Aboriginals lived of the land and the special tools and inventions they used to do this. You can follow Allan at