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The Ugly Truth Podcast (Audio)

Aug 1, 2017

There is a lot more information in your heart beat than you may think. Stress levels are just the tip of the ice berg, having a high HRV (Heart Rate Variability) helps you live longer, be happier and achieve more. Now we can measure our HRV with a simple monitor you strap around your chest and an app linked up to your phone. This gives us the tools to test what is working and what needs adjusting when it comes to your HRV. Measuring your HRV is also an ideal biomarker for tracking your workout progress, which allows you to avoid overtraining. On this week’s episode we talk to Robert Talevski about HRV and how you measure it. Also discover the top three things you can do to raise your HRV. #HRV #heartratevariability #biomarker #health