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The Ugly Truth Podcast (Audio)

Aug 22, 2017

Time, the ever-dwindling resource that we’re typically wasting on things. Working long hours shopping buying things we don't need etc. What if you could Use money to buy time?

Time is more important than money. You think that you know this, but you probably don't act on it as much as you could. As we learn to outsource and prioritise, you can slowly buy your time back everyday. Ask yourself, how much would you pay for extra hour or two in the day?

To get a project done and meet the deadline, spend time with your loved ones. What would it be worth to you? $20 an hour, $100 an hour? Do you know there is actually a way to get more "hours" in a day....NO it's not negotiating with father time. We discuss how you can earn more per hour by learning your value.

Looking at how much you are worth per hour you can see if something is really worth your time. If the job is going to give you less happiness or less return than what you would normally make, then don't do it or outsource it. On this episode discover how to get more happiness and get more time back to spend doing what you love.